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I offer training options from individual sessions at your home to stayover training for your dog at my home. We will shape a plan to fit any dog and owner's specific needs and goals.


The evaluation helps me understand a dog's training challenges and make a useful recommendation. Evaluations serve as valuable primers in training theory and practice. You will walk away from an evaluation not only with a recommendation for your dog, but more equipped to understand the science of training and your wider options in the training marketplace.



I customize the training approach to each dog within a set of basic program packages.


Upon an evaluation, we can proceed with individual sessions or I offer a plan based on your dog's profile. All plans offer a discount over individual sessions.  

Teaching commands and sorting out behavioral issues in a way that respects the dog's learning process takes a certain commitment. It is also true, however, that for some dogs, one or two sessions and a follow-up -- and the homework on your part to maintain the education -- are enough to sort out minor behavioral issues.

To give you some idea of the general templates for training plans:


In a few sessions, we can provide a foundation of basic obedience commands and address minor behavior concerns. The focus here is on structured walking and leash management and control. Your relationship with your dog is very much defined by the walk. Once a clear language is established here between you and your dog, the way forward is easier. Training can be performed at your home with simple homework assignments (generally two 15-minute sessions with your dog per day, plus walks).


More sessions for a fuller menu of commands and continued work on behavior problems.


Your dog stays with me as an exclusive training guest for a few days to a few weeks. This intensive program allows me to train obedience and/or work on any of your dog’s behavioral issues in dedicated one-on-one fashion. This training option is very helpful for certain dogs, and convenient for their owners.

I only take in one dog at a time. This ensures a 24-hour training setting and structured learning program in which obedience, house manners, leash etiquette and specific behavioral issues can be addressed. All the while your dog is cared for in a home setting.

If this is something that interests you and we agree your dog is a suitable candidate, we can discuss length of stay and a package cost.

Each stayover includes follow-up sessions and free email support. 

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Following are some of the behavioral problems and challenges we can help solve.


  • Aggression (related to dogs, people, food, resources)

  • Leash pulling

  • Bad house manners

  • Crate training

  • Separation anxiety

  • Hyperactivity

I view these problems within a larger context of your dog's environment and can offer lifestyle guidance as well as actual remediation.



We can "test" litters or individual puppies according to well-established criteria and videotape the results to help you find the right puppy for your household. We can also assist in selecting a dog from shelter/rescue. Evaluation of puppy's basic temperament at 7 weeks of age can be a good predictor of its adult profile; however, how a dog ultimately develops depends on many factors, especially its home structure and the quality of its socialization in its first six months. I can explain these factors and suggest how to avoid common errors made both with puppies and in the adoption and introduction to your home of a shelter dog.




I offer complete e-collar training to all interested owners. E-collars, or electronic collars, are revolutionary, flexible and humane tools for owners and their dogs. The advances in e-collar technology in the last few years have been remarkable, leading to reliable, subtle and safe communication options. Correctly introduced and practiced, they enable dogs to learn and make better choices, grow in confidence, and enjoy more freedom.  


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