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I will demonstrate that balanced training as I teach it is realistic, effective, humane, adaptable to each individual dog and produces results. If after the first training session you do not agree or do not feel satisfied you’re on the right course with your dog and do not wish to continue, you are under no obligation to pay anything. 

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Managing Your Dog


Actual obedience training constitutes a fraction of the time you spend with your dog. “Managing” your dog – its environment, play behavior, feeding routine, walking, the type and timing of your affection, interactions with dogs and people, general downtime – is no less important and remains the ongoing task of leadership. Every minute you’re with your dog is an opportunity for reinforcing your relationship of joy and respect.


Based on simple observations and a review of your dog’s patterns and lifestyle, I can offer suggestions toward correcting or preventing bad habits by good management that will also strengthen your bond.

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Noteworthy Quotes


"... intelligent dogs rarely want to please people whom they do not respect."

William Koehler

“The Association of Responsible Dog Owners (ARDO), a grassroots organization that was started in the UK has been compiling the results of a survey of dog owners who have used Electronic training collars. So far they have received 281 responses (four times the number of other popular studies), showing that 99.6% of owners reported no negative effects, 92% stated that using an electronic collar solved their issue, and 48% stated that they believe their pet would have been killed had they not used an electronic collar.”

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