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    Rip's Dog Training offers obedience training and problem-solving behavior modification for all dogs. My method is based on the "Balanced Approach" in a formula unique to each dog and aimed at achieving a relationship of respect and joy between dog and owner.

    Balanced Training Works

    Swimming lessons at our new pool!

    Whether you’re--


    • Training a young dog from the ground up

    • Dealing with budding misbehavior in an adolescent dog

    • Coping with fear, signs of aggression, hyperactivity, and other behavioral problems in an adult dog

    Or you want a dog --

    • who comes when called

    • walks respectfully on leash

    • behaves politely in social settings at home and away

    • enjoys life with its leader and those he respects.

    Reward-based balanced training works because it integrates the fullest range of techniques, tools and motivational options and adapts them to each individual dog.

    Every dog is different. One type of training never fits all dogs. Flexibility and openness in each case ensures a happier dog who feels respected and knows how to respect.

    Rip trained his first dog, an eight-year-old German shepherd from a shelter, when he was 11. He’s owned and worked with dogs since. He is a certified professional trainer and graduate of National K9 School for Dog Trainers in Columbus, Ohio.

    • Professional Member, IACP

    • National K9 Dog Trainers Association

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    Obedience training entails teaching and conditioning a dog to do things it may have no natural motivation to do. You as leader attach the meaning and provide the motivation. The rest becomes a matter of technique and practice and play.



    for all customers


    This allows me to see and experience your dog with you, understand all background and history. And to answer all your questions about training methods and share loads of information.  

    Behavior Modification

    We can individually address issues like leash pulling or jumping up or food guarding or dog aggression, etc., but it usually makes more sense to work on these first through a structure of obedience. Often problems resolve or become more fixable or manageable after an obedience program.


    I believe the Balanced Approach to training best honors the dog and your relationship with it and the long history of human/dog partnership. The combination of motivation, positive reinforcement of reward and praise, and occasional correction to steer the dog toward the right course, sustains this respect and is the key to a happy dog.

    Contact Me 

    Rip's Dog Training LLC in Conway/Myrtle Beach, SC

    Tel: 323.449.7921

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